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My December 2013 Post For IWSG

December:  The Last Month Of The Year. Most often we consider this month As a month of celebrations  and Activities, Of course For some It is a Time for Stock taking Of the Previous Months Activities. Whatever May be Today is December 2013’s First Wednesday! And there is a Specialty for This day: Yes, Every […]

Z is for Zeal: Zeal is the Word for Today

Last Letter from the English Alphabet – A to Z Blog Challenge for 2013 ended with the letter Z on 3oth of April 2013 Have a look at it !!! Z is for Zeal: Zeal is the Word for Today

Freshly Pressed: Friday Faves

Originally posted on WordPress.com News:
This week’s three selections address some of our favorite topics: reading and writing. If you’re looking for inspiring and thought-provoking posts, you’re in luck. From the hunger that develops when a reader can’t find the time to read, to the power of the dictionary and your own memories, we’ve…

WordPress Anniversary: Comment Spam Lessons

Originally posted on Lorelle on WordPress:
It’s hard to believe that I’ve learned much from comment spammers over the years. I’ve learned that they are among the most hated folks in the world, yet you have to respect them as well. As I look back on ten years of blogging with WordPress on this 10th…