A freelance writer, and an editor of a Christian monthly. Above all a follower of Jesus Christ. Born and brought up in Kerala, India.  Based at Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.

My work has appeared in newspapers, weeklies, magazines and on the web, mainly on Christian religion and the Bible. I was a reporter and contributor for Malayalam weeklies and magazines.  A regular contributor to the world wide web since 2007.

Translated some of the books of well known preachers and authors like, Dr. Woodrow Kroll, Wesley L Duewell and John MacArthur into the Malayalam language.  A contributor to the following Blogs and websites:

Philipscom  (Main Blog)

Ariel’s Current Affairs


Christian Assembly, Picket, Secunderabad

Bahrain Brethren.com

Gulf Brethren Voice




Main Blog @ Philipscom  philipscom.wordpress.com.   writes @ Magazines like Confident Living, Harvest Times, The Week, The Sunday Indian, Outlook, India Today weeklies.An author of many Christian Spiritual articles especially in the Malayalam language; composed about 60 Christian spiritual songs and poems. Also the recipient of many literary prizes.

My Bio-Knol Official


My  Malayalam Knol Directory
http://knol.google.com.malayalam-knol-Malayalam Directory

Member Knol Publishing Guild

MemberGoogle Knol Group at Linkedin 

A Co-author and contributor to other knol authors here at knol.

My Bio-Knol Personal:


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