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End of 2013 And The Beginning Of Another Year. “Big Ideas 2014”

End of 2013 And The Beginning of Another Year 
“Big Ideas 2014”
Picture. Credit. NewsWeek

Yet another year is going to settle down into the pages of history.

Predictions and events are happening in the scientific and business world every year. 

Here is an interesting and informative news to ponder over at the closing of this eventful year.  

In the year 1999 the Business Week published a series of articles predicting 21 new ideas that can change the 21st  century.  Under those series as the 14th number they posted an article titled “The earth will don an electronic skin”
It starts with an intro and I quote: “Hundreds of thousands of PCs working in concert have already tackled complex computing problems. In the future, some scientists expect spontaneous computer networks to emerge, forming a ”huge digital creature”  
To read the full text please click HERE
Picture Credit: Linkedln 
Ted L

After 14 long years it’s going to become a reality, here is a well written article titled “A Tipping Point for the Internet of Things”  by Ted Leonsis for Linkedln Influencers new series under the banner “Big Ideas 2014” 

To read all the other write-ups  under this banner please click HERE.
These well written pieces from the experts of different fields are a worth reading material for the New Year 2014.
Have a Happy Reading And a Blessed, Purposeful, Prosperous and Profitable Year 2014
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